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Lowongan HSE | Corinthian Industries Indonesia, a Leading Wooden Door Manufacturing in Indonesia is looking for a professional to fill in a vacant position of OHSE Supervisor.

Basic Requirements :

  • Bachelor degree of OHSE / Engineering
  • Min experience 5 years OHSE Operational & management system in
    manufacturing industry
  • Excellent understanding OHSE Management System, ISO-14001 / OHSAS-18001 MS
  • Government or international OHSE Certified
  • Excellent in English both oral and writen & good computer skill
  • Good Reporting Skill will be preferable
  • Good delivery training skill & conduct independent incident investigation & audit
  • Ability to work under less supervision & control various work scope
  • Ability to deal with a diverse range of stakeholders
  • Operation / manufacturing / waste treatment process experience
  • Familiar with International and National HSE Standard and Policies
  • Great managerial and leadership skill
  • Great attitude, high integrity and willing to work as team
  • Willing to be located in Gunung Putri, Bogor

Please send your Application Letter and Resume via email to :



NUKE DEWI AW I – Quality System & Compliance – Indonesia 

PT. Corinthian Industries Indonesia

Jalan Mercedes, Desa Cicadas, Gunung Putri,

Bogor, Indonesia 16964

Office : 62 21 8670 314 – REFF HSE Center Indonesia

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