Vacancy Safety Officer Puma Energy International (Samarinda)

Lowongan Safety Officer Puma Energy

Vacancy HSE | Puma Energy International is a rapidly expanding, midstream and downstream oil company operating in 32 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland) with regional offices in Johannesburg (South Africa), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Singapore, we are a responsible supplier and storage facilitator of high-quality petroleum products and one of the largest independent fuel storage operators.

Indonesia is one of our key markets: our focus is on long-term investments and lasting relationships. We are continuously strengthening our capabilities with investment in high quality infrastructure. To achieve our vision and mission together with our great team, we invite talented individual who seek for challenges to join our company.

The position is for contract employment. Candidates must be fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Safety Officer (Samarinda)
(Code: SOS)

Responsible for the safer operation of the plant, responding to fires and emergencies according to Company policies. Carries out a series of both routine and random checks to ensure the adequacy of systems and equipment provided. Carries out fire training for plant personnel and supervises the first line firefighting crew. Reviews safety by carrying out safety audits on a regular basis. Follows up on all fire and safety incidents and recommends the ordering of newly identified equipment for fire and safety to meet the changing demands of the plant.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Acts as a fire crew leader, undertaking rescues, spills, fires and other emergencies in an efficient manner as laid down in established procedures
2. Participates with crew in all emergency drills and ensures proper coordinated action as practiced in these drills to meet with real emergency situations
3. Practices the use of first aid equipment, breathing apparatus, foam and utilizes fixed fire suppressing system.
4. Maintains and tests fire protection equipment following established services schedules and meeting all performance standards for equipment. Verifies equipment is in current working order after servicing. Directs fire crew in performing servicing.
5. Tests or checks all fixed equipment on a regular basis according to established schedules such as static fire equipment, sprinklers, halos and powder extinguishers. Carries out daily checks on deluge sprinkler and detection system and on the foam tender.
6. Carries out regular inspections of all air bottles and breathing equipment and personnel protection equipment. Ensures all fire crew equipment and static equipment used is replenished after fire or emergency.
7. Ensures that there is an adequate provision of emergency procedures, first-aid facilities, safety signs, relevant protective clothing and equipment, and incident reporting to the relevant authorities.
8. Maintains a record of incident reports and if warranted has them analyzed by Safety Committee.
9. Develops and implements a suitable and relevant health and safety policy.
10. Assesses risks to health and safety, and implements measures and arrangements identified as necessary from the assessments.
11. Liaises as necessary with other organizations and relevant authorities, and assists in conducting audit and remedial actions.
12. Makes sure that the workplace satisfies health, safety and welfare requirements for ventilation, temperature, lighting, sanitary, washing and rest facilities.
13. Makes sure that the workplace satisfies health, safety and welfare requirements for ventilation, temperature, lighting, sanitary, washing and rest facilities.
14. Undertakes other tasks as required by his/ her supervisor.

1. High energy and a can do attitude, creating a consistent common sense HSE culture.
2. Ability to understand and apply local HSE laws and regulations.
3. Ability to recognize compliance and risk issues and situations.
4. Advanced knowledge of management systems and practices related to occupational safety and health and/or environmental management.
5. Personal and leadership skills.
6. Ability to compile and analyze technical data.

1. Min 5 years experience in HSE and quality compliance management, with increasing levels of experience in a medium to large multinational, preferably in multi-cultural environments.
2. Undergraduate University degree in health and safety, Engineering, Industrial Hygiene, Safety or Risk management.
3. Safety standards knowledge Familiar with ERP System
4. Fluent English and French/Portuguese/Spanish a big plus
5. Highly proficient in using MS Office
6. Occupational safety skills
7. Environmental regulations training

Candidates must be fluent in English
Qualified candidate should submit an application letter together with comprehensive curriculum vitae within 14 days, to :
Please State the Position & the Code as the email subject


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